I am a San Francisco based hairdresser,  hair colorist and educator with 25 years experience in the beauty industry.


As the founder of Secret Agent Salon, I love what I do and its no secret. The salon is my home base, where I host my loyal and eclectic following.  Clients are amazed with the “natural” look of their hair color whether it be iridescent blond or an earthy red. No matter who you are or what you do, I have your shade. My clientele runs the gamut from conservative corporate types and women in the tech industry, to fashion designers and models.


Enthusiasm for education is at the core of my philosophy and style. My professional classes are an energized forum for shared experimentation, where students learn by observing and hands on experience in the service of hair coloring. When I am not taking classes myself I am organizing workshops or shooting videos on one of my favorite topics: Client Retention. 

As a client retention specialist, I share trade secrets in the art of being a “Client Keeper”.

Attract more clients, keep those clients, and keep those clients happy!


In addition to my salon work and educational endeavors, I am always open to collaborating with like minded professionals. Hairdressing, mens grooming and dramatic make-up are a few areas of interest where I may be available for photo shoots or special events. My creative spirit, preparedness and fastidious nature are just a few of the aspects that make me a valued team member.

also see: https://www.instagram.com/agentbossyboots/

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